The Codfather takes no prisoners this week!! Mayhem Metal, Down tuned riffs, Industrial electro punk, Punk Rock, Folk Blues and a couple of slow numbers to cool the amps downs.

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He's Back after a week off due to "An Evening with The Codfather" gig in Leeds.

This week's show is back with a heavy Alternative Musical Punch!! Feature everything from Hardcore Punk to songs about bananas!!! 

Download this week's show for the best in unsigned, underground and Alternative music.

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The Codfather hand-picks the best in alternative tracks from around Yorkshire and beyond this week. 

Post-Punk, Punk, Metal and good old Rock 'N' Roll

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The Codfather is back this week with his unique blend of Alternative choons!

Playing the "Music that Matters" 

Exclusive track from Hull's Hottest new Punk Band "Cats that Bark"

1hr of The Best Alternative Music on the net!!

The Codfather doffs his hat to Rock & Metal Icons this week - Celebrating Artists and Bands that have inspired a generation of Alternative acts.

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The Codfather celebrates #grrrlpower this week on the "Alternative Jukebox"

Female Artists - Female Fronted Bands - Female Singers

This week The Codfather serves up the perfect Musical Meal:

- Metal for Starters

- Punk for Main course

- New Grunge for Dessert


The Codfather finds out more about the girl "Behind the Mask" of Electronic Punk Band Bikini Death Race.

Her early musical influences

First album she bought

Why she wears a mask on stage etc

Bikini Death Race will be playing on the 2nd of August in Leeds at the "An Evening with The Codfather" night - for full details on tickets etc visit 

Download this week's Alternative Jukebox to find out which song made The Codfather's hairs on the back of his neck stand up.

This week's Podcast features Hull based Punk Rockers Filthy Filthy new track "My Baby's Got the Shakes"

Tickets are now on sale at for "An Evening with The Codfather" 3 great bands and 1Comedian/poet.

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Yorkshire's answer to John Peel The Codfather brings the gift of new music to the weekend party again! 

"Playing the Music that Matters" 

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